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The appellate process is a complex process requiring not only a strong knowledge of the law, but a thorough understanding of the appellate rules.  The appellate process is full of traps for the inexperienced.  The missing of a single filing deadline or the failure to pay a single required fee can result in the final dismissal of the appeal, regardless of the underlying merits of the case.  The filing of a brief that does not comply with the rules of appellate procedure can result in the brief being stricken. By partnering  with Ms. Weinbaum, an experienced appellate attorney, she can assist in avoiding those types of fatal mistakes.

Moreover, an appeal involves hours of research and writing.  An appeal requires well researched and carefully written briefs and may even require persuasive oral advocacy.  Ms. Weinbaum has extensive experience preparing briefs and presenting oral argument before the appellate courts.  Ms. Weinbaum is an experienced appellate attorney with over 14 years of appellate experience.  Ms. Weinbaum's appellate experience involves a diverse array of areas, including criminal law, juvenile law, family law, personal injury, business disputes, contract disputes, real estate, medical malpractice, foreclosure law, attorney fee disputes, and administrative law (including suspension or revocation of a medical license).

By partnering with Ms. Weinbaum, Ms. Weinbaum will take her appellate experience, knowledge of the appellate process and her well developed skills to assist you on appeal.  Ms. Weinbaum seeks to prepare exceptional briefs and present persuasive oral argument. 

If you are contemplating an appeal or you are an attorney seeking assistance on an appeal before the Florida appellate courts, then make Ms. Weinbaum "Your Appellate Partner." Contact Weinbaum P.A. today by calling 954-256-8266 or email today.