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Lane Weinbaum




         Ms. Weinbaum is an accomplished appellate and defense attorney. Ms. Weinbaum has over ten years experience handling appeals before the Florida appellate courts.  She has worked on appeals in the areas of administrative, civil, criminal, family law, foreclosure, and juvenile law.   Her appellate practice has resulted in "law-making" (case law precedent) decisions. 

         Ms. Weinbaum also offers over ten years experience defending clients in Florida.  Ms. Weinbaum has defended clients in a diverse array of areas, including criminal, administrative, professional liability, FDUTPA, real estate, paternity, domestic violence, business law, foreclosure and more.  Ms. Weinbaum has defended clients in the lower courts and appellate courts.   Florida Attorneys have even turned to Ms. Weinbaum for assistance in the defense of clients in the lower courts, which includes preparing motions, preserving error, researching key areas of law, and more.

       In  2010, Ms. Weinbaum took her passion for the law and her love of research, writing and breaking apart cases, and formed Weinbaum P.A.  At Weinbaum P.A., Ms. Weinbaum focuses her practice on defense and appeals before the Florida courts and assists Florida Attorneys with legal research and writing in the trial and appellate levels.  

         Prior to founding Weinbaum P.A., Ms. Weinbaum worked as a litigation attorney for a large private law firm, whose responsibilities included representing clients in court, out-of court, at quasi-judicial proceedings, at mediations, and in appeals. Prior to working as a litigation attorney, Ms. Weinbaum worked as an Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Appeals Division.  As an Assistant Attorney General, Ms. Weinbaum handled appeals before the Third District Court of Appeal and Florida Supreme Court, and worked on federal habeas corpus matters before United States Southern District Court Southern District of Florida.  Ms. Weinbaum has extensive experience preparing briefs, motions, responses, and presenting oral argument.

          Prior to working as an Assistant Attorney General, Ms. Weinbaum worked as a judicial law clerk for a judge who handled administrative, civil, criminal, family, and juvenile matters. Ms. Weinbaum also previously interned for a Federal District Court Judge and worked as a law clerk in the civil litigation division of the Office of Attorney General of State of Maryland. Ms. Weinbaum has volunteered for the Public Defender's Office, Criminal Appeals Division.  Ms. Weinbaum has also been appointed [2010-2014] as conflict attorney for criminal appeals and juvenile appeals in the 17th Circuit.  Prior to attending law school, Ms. Weinbaum was a Vice President of a venture capital /consulting firm, in which she assisted small businesses.  


         Ms. Weinbaum holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Maryland, School of Law.  Ms. Weinbaum graduated cum laude from Lafayette College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business and Economics.  Ms. Weinbaum is admitted to practice law in Maryland (inactive status), Florida, United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida  and United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. 

         Ms. Weinbaum has been featured on the radio show Legal News & Review regarding appellate law. Ms. Weinbaum was professionally recognized by  Lawyers of Distinction in 2017.  Ms. Weinbaum is a member of the Broward County Bar Association Appellate Law and Solo Small Firm Sections and the Florida Bar Appellate Practice Section.