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Weinbaum P.A. has been handling complex matters for almost a decade.  A matter may be complex from the start due to the legal matters involved or number of parties involved or amount of money involved.  A matter may become complex due to the number of parties added, the legal matters created or errors which occurred in the proceedings.  

Weinbaum P.A. represents businesses, professionals and individuals in complex legal matters in the trial courts and appellate courts. Weinbaum P.A. has experience in a broad range of complex legal matters, such as business ownership disputes, contract disputes, RICO, consumer fraud, property damage disputes, and more.  

Weinbaum P.A. seeks to be the firm that individuals, professionals and businesses turn to when they need representation in complex legal matters.  Weinbaum P.A. seeks to offer small firm personal service combined with large firm quality. 

The founder of Weinbaum P.A., Ms. Weinbaum recognizes that a complex legal matter may require extensive research, top quality motions, a solid understanding of the complex legal issues and facts applicable to your case, persuasive oral argument, and more.  Ms. Weinbaum is willing to do the work and has the knowledge and skills to assist you.  Ms. Weinbaum is a former law clerk and former large firm litigation attorney, who has represented plaintiffs and defendants in a broad range of sophisticated matters.  

It is important to get an experienced attorney to help with your matter.  If you need the assistance of an experienced attorney in Parkland, Coral Springs, or anywhere in Broward County, Palm Beach County or Miami Dade County than click on the button below to book a free initial phone or webchat consultation or call 954-256-8266 or e-mail today. 

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